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Instagram stories are one of the most popular ways to share your life online. This makes Instagram among the major social media programs on the net. But Instagram won’t let you save stories, a function that users would wish. Not having the choice of saving the stories you published, you will lose them after 1 day given that stories have gone live. In this post, we will share with you several techniques how you can Instagram stories watch.

Download Instagram Stories you Made for the Day

The videos published in a day can be downloaded as one Instagram stories video. This means that replaying them for future use might take a while as stories are saved together. There is a need to view all clips to see what you want. This is still better than not having a copy. When you have the copy, you can view it anytime and anywhere. Discussed below is the guide on how to have a duplicate of a video of your stories.

 To begin saving the entire single day story on Instagram, first, find the "Your Story" icon. This is a key found at the upper left part of your feed. After that, at the open story page, simply click there is another key containing 3 small dots, simply click this button to find a "More" option. Choose the "Save" option and click "Save Story". Downloading a video may require you a little more patience as it requires a longer time to be saved. After that, you're done, now you will find that downloaded video in your Camera Roll.

 Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip

If that tip doesn’t work for you, you might want to try this instead. Clips or photos can be saved or downloaded as a separate Instagram story. It’s virtually a similar procedure as above, but rather than pick “Save Story” you will rather select the “Save Video” option. This strategy is excellent if you merely would like to save a single clip and there’s no need to save the entire story of the day. As soon as you have clicked “Save Video,” check your Photos or Camera Roll to make sure your clip is saved.

 Download Stories from all other Instagram Users

Even though you download the Instagram stories of some other accounts, the procedure is rather simple using third-party sites. Most of these have similarities about how the way they work. So, ultimately it depends on finding the website you like the most. Ultimately though, why you would want to download Instagram stories from someone else is largely not our business.

How to make use of a third party site for downloading

After you have a list of preferred third web site, look for its requirements. Prepare the required username or even profile URL and paste it on the ideal portion of the site. The selection of which Instagram stories to save follows. As the clip is tapped, hover over it and also right-click to see the Save Link As option. A copy of it will be saved to your computer system for future functions. 

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